Waterville/ Ballinskelligs/ Inny Catchments

Waterville Ballinskelligs Catchments

‘The Waterville Catchments and Ballinskelligs Bay are priceless and irreplaceable resources ecologically, culturally, economically and socially. The health of these systems is crucial to
the sectors/stakeholders that rely on them for a wide and varied number of reasons including agriculture, forestry, industry, tourism, aquaculture, social and recreational to name a few. It is now vital that every effort is made to ensure that benefits these key assets offer are identified in full and a plan is developed to sustainably maintain and protect them into the future’

Water is a precious resource, and is essential for all life on earth. Managing our water so it can meet our current and future needs and also continue to support the ecosystems that depend on it is vital for Ireland’s future. https://www.catchments.ie/icm-epa-role-introduction/

Upcoming Community Consultation Events August and September:

 Community Geodesign Workshops – Alternative Futures for the Catchments

Citizens and Community Groups  – what would you like to see happen in the catchments?

Interactive (on-line) community planning workshops using Geodesign* methods facilitated by Dr.Hrishi Ballal.

      The workshop would normally be done in a four-hour workshop. However because of COVID 19 it is being run on-line over two evenings:     

Tuesday 15th September and, 

Thursday 17th September. 

7.30pm to 9.00pm both nights.

We encourage you to attend both nights as one leads onto the next.

To register click here.


 What project suggestions have you for the catchments plan?

Go to Geoforage to send us your suggestions and ideas for the catchments plan. It is anonymous and you can submit as many ideas as you wish. 

r more information on Geodesign see: https://www.geodesignhub.com   

Heritage Workshop.

An on-line workshop on heritage, with a focus on the catchments, will be held on Wednesday 09th September. This will give people an opportunity to share their knowledge and insights into the unique history and heritage of the Iveragh area. We are inviting people to suggest either a morning or evening event. To register  click here.

The preparation of a Sustainability Plan for the Waterville/ Ballinskelligs/ Inny Valley commenced April 2020. The aim of the plan is to protect and develop the catchments for the benefit of all concerned.

The preparation of the plan involves research, consultation with all sectors, setting priorities and identifying a management structure to implement the plan. Anglers, tourism providers, local business, farmers & landowners, a range of agencies, and the local community can all give their comments and views.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions we are unable to hold normal meetings at present. Therefore we are inviting people to contribute to the plan by phone, email, on-line survey and on-line meeting. 

Community Consultations. Two on-line community events were held as well as a community survey. A diverse range of interests contributed and valuable information was gathered.

Workshop one:  Niall Walsh, Project Scientist, presented a Bio-Diversity Profile of the catchments,Thursday 16th July. To view presentation click here.  Summary of discussions available here. Video recording of workshop available here

Workshop two:  130 community surveys were completed – Dr Brendan, O’Keeffe, Project Consultant presented a summary of the community survey responses. To view the presentation click here.  Summary of the discussions click here.  Video recording of the workshop available here.


Stakeholder Consultation. Thanks to all organisations, business and agencies who took the time and interest to complete the stakeholder on-line survey.  Forty-five representatives of the various agencies and organisations attended the on-line presentation of the preliminary findings  Friday 19th June.  The biodiversity profile presented by Niall Walsh can be downloaded here, and the stakeholder survey presentation by Dr Brendan O’Keeffe can be viewed here.

Contact details for participating organisations available here

Progress Update

  • Biodiversity profile completed and presented to agencies and community,
  • Survey and interviews with agencies and national organisations completed,
  • Survey of local community organisations and interested individuals completed, 
  • A schools’ project completed,
  • On-line meetings with agencies, national organisations and local community completed,
  • Heritage Week events held,
  • Download August update click here.

Steering Group Members:

  • IRD Waterville,
  • South Kerry Development Partnership,
  • Kerry County Council,
  • LAWPRO – Local Authorities Waters Programme,
  • Teagasc,
  • Inland Fisheries Ireland.

Project Consultants – O’Raw Consultancy & Associates:

  • Paul O’Raw,
  • Dr Brendan O’Keeffe,
  • Dr Hrishi Balall,
  • Niall Walsh

For further information contact Paul O’Raw at 087 2317204

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