“We are best defined by the mystery
That we are still here, and can still rise
Upwards, still create better civilisations”

– From Mental Fight by Ben Okri 

Facilitating organisations to learn, plan and grow.

Open For Business (virtually!).   Despite COVID 19 restrictions and having to work remotely, myself and my associates provided effective consultations, surveys and workshops throughout 2020. While virtual work has its limitations and challenges, it allows the work to continue. The research was undertaken, on-line questionnaires were completed, discussions were facilitated, and workshops were delivered. The job gets done!.

Strategic Planning

I facilitate organisations to prepare coherent strategic plans, to reflect on progress and to build up skills. I bring extensive community development and facilitation experience, gained from a career in rural, urban and overseas development work. For over twenty-five years I have facilitated community and voluntary organisations, NGOs, local development and local government agencies.


I design and deliver training courses and workshops to meet the needs of groups and organisations. I combine my knowledge, skills and insights to prepare individual, creative programmes that ensure good participation and enjoyable learning.


Facilitation is best described as a process that enables a group or organisation to focus on a piece of work, with the help of an outside facilitator. The facilitator prepares and guides the process but remains neutral on the subject matter. He or she provides the space for people to work together, to hear one another, and to build consensus. 

A highly experienced community professional and qualified facilitator, Paul combines his core skills of training and facilitating to develop local communities and organisations.

Paul works with a wide range of agencies, community groups and NGOs with a focus on community development and social inclusion.

Community consultant and trainer
International Association of Facilitators