“We are best defined by the mystery
That we are still here, and can still rise
Upwards, still create better civilisations”

– From Mental Fight by Ben Okri 1999

Facilitating organisations to learn, plan and grow.


I facilitate organisations to prepare coherent strategic plans. I bring extensive community development experience, gained from a career in rural, urban and overseas development work. For over twenty-five years I have facilitated community and voluntary organisations, NGOs, local development and local government agencies.


I design and deliver training courses and workshops to meet the needs of groups and organisations. I combine my knowledge, skills and insights to prepare individual, creative programmes that ensure good participation and enjoyable learning.

A highly experienced community professional, and qualified facilitator, Paul combines his core skills of training and facilitating to develop local communities and organisations.

Paul works with a wide range of agencies, community groups and NGOs who are focussed on developing local communities and organisations.

Community consultant and trainer
International Association of Facilitators