Organisational Development – Taking Time Out

Organisational Development – Taking Time Out

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

A while ago I facilitated a day with 30 staff from a large organisation (2 x ½ days with 15 at each). It was a  workshop on how staff could more effectively contribute to committee functioning. The organisation was going through a period of re-structuring and felt it would be beneficial to have a facilitated session to look at some of the issues arising from the changes. The session included; key elements of committee effectiveness, balancing group task and maintenance, and personal reflection on contribution to committee work. All organisations can be so busy with the work that it feels like there is no time to pause. Taking time out enabled these staff to step back, to examine the issues and to share ideas on what needed to be done. See staff feedback on workshop from the evaluation:


General Comments;

Very interesting  / highly impressive/ excellent/ extremely helpful/ re-energised/ timely/ insightful/ gentle and supportive/ much needed training topic/very productive / worthwhile/positive/ effective / helpful/ overall very good / all objectives met/ facilitator included all members with expertise/ empowered people to come up with solutions/ good pace and well facilitated/ good to be asked to think about our expectations


I feel more confident to go back to management…

I would be more aware of my role as a committee member…

Helped me to move on from complaining about the problems to considering my role in it and solutions

…gained great clarity on what a subcommittee should be …

Loved comment on courage…

Gives me permission to trust my gut

Got me thinking about my reasons and motivation re committees

I learned a lot from it

Highlighting personal responsibility in role on committees

Just needs to be put into practice

A Reflective Workshop;

Thought generating & provoking  / allowed space to reflect/ got me thinking/ good opportunity to reflect on current practice / allowed space and time to think/ good discussions/ Greater understanding of others perspectives; positives and negatives, and importance of role of both/ Lots of time for people to share their thoughts/ a helpful opportunity to air and share our experiences and challenges/ brought some views to light/ very open, shared and quality discussion/ open and honest discussion/ Important to stand back and reflect on how we can maximise the time spent on committee work/ staff reflected well/ as a group we reflected

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