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Providing supports and consultancy to community & voluntary organisations.


Paul O’Raw Completes Survey of Community Halls in West Limerick

A detailed survey into the facilities, the challenges and plans of halls and centres run by community and voluntary groups in the West Limerick Resources area recently launched. Report.


Supports for Community & leader

Voluntary Groups (Leader Programme)

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Governance Matters Workshopnew-button

 A 1-day training workshop on the governance code and charity regulations for community and voluntary organisations. More information…

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Group Development

meeting silloetteDoes your group or organisation need training?

Would you like to have better committee skills and better meetings?

Do you need workshops or courses designed to meet your needs?

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I have over 25 years community development experience, supporting groups to grow and develop. This has involved working with a range of community groups, voluntary organisations,  and stage agencies.

I enjoy working with groups, helping to review progress, planning for the future, learning new skills to develop their organisation.

I have trained with various organisations in facilitation skills up to Train The Trainer Level. I’ve recently become a certified member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland.

Community and Voluntary organisations in Ireland are the backbone to our way of life, providing an community_2invaluable range of services, facilities and activities. Now and then, groups need assistance to address an issue, to learn a new skill or to make new plans. I am pleased to offer a range of training and supports designed to meet the needs of your group or organisation.

Benefits to your organisation include –

  • Focus; your organisation will have clearer purpose & plans
  • Participation; all members will be facilitated to contribute
  • Building Consensus; ensuring buy-in and commitment from the whole group
  • Better Meetings; learn how to have more effective meetings
  • Community Involvement; through consulting your community in developing your plans and activities

The use of a facilitated approach ensures participative, enjoyable and effective training and development for your organisation.

My website provides information on my services to groups, my experience, and feedback from clients. I will be glad to take your call or query to develop training specifically designed to meet the needs of your group or organisation

Paul O’Raw, 087 2317204

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